RTU Rooftop Unit

Commercial HVAC rooftop units (RTU) are essential to any business, as they keep interior temperatures comfortable and maintain good indoor air quality. Rooftop units are conveniently located on the roof of commercial buildings and keep the building warm or cool.

Working in poor temperature controlled offices can have a negative impact on productivity and employee motivation. That’s when the Markorair Team steps in to help evaluate your RTU to determine the necessary course of action – repair or replace. There’s nothing more important to the Markorair Team, than having satisfied clients whose tenants are productive and motivated.

Energy-Efficient Packaged Rooftop Units

A packaged rooftop system can deliver impressive, trustworthy heating and cooling for your commercial location. Although these systems are large, many are huge on energy efficiency. Most of our models are ENERGY STAR® certified, which could help your business save more on energy expenses. And some can be linked with a solar system for the highest efficiency and savings.

When it’s time get a new rooftop system, Markorair Services can help you choose the correct one for your business. Plus, we’ll professionally install it and support our work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee* for a year.

Free Estimates on Complete System Replacement